Full Day Photography Photo List

Getting Ready, First look and Pre Ceremony Photos

We typically arrive about the time hair and make up is complete but the bride is not in her dress yet. This is usually 3 - 3 1/2 hours before the ceremony begins

Finishing Touches
Assorted Photo-journalistic photos throughout, 
Bridal gown, shoes, accessories, 
flowers, final touches of the bride getting ready. 
details details details!!

Bride Alone
In her gown, full length,  half length, close ups, with natural light.
Bride and family
Bride and mom, hugging, kissing and having fun
Bride and Dad, hugging, kissing and having fun
Bride, Mom and Dad all together
Bride, Parents, Brothers and/or Sisters (immediate family)
Bride with Brothers and/or Sisters
Bride and each sibling
Bride with Grandparents (if present)
Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride with each Bridesmaid
Bride with Flower Girls
Bride with all the Bridesmaids together, formal and fun photos
Bride showing garter to Bridesmaids
Bride with Bridesmaids fun photos and Photo journalistic images

Misc Photos
Bride and any special guests
Any special requests
outdoor time and weather permitting
Bride leaving for Ceremony

Pre-ceremony photos of the Groom
Groom alone, full length, and close ups, casual and formal
Groom and Family
Groom with Mom, hugging, kissing and having fun
Groom with Dad
Groom, Mom and Dad together
Groom, Parents, Brothers and/or Sisters (immediate family)
Groom with Brothers and/or Sisters
Groom and each sibling
Groom with each Groomsmen
Groom with Ring Bearer
Groom with all the Groomsmen together formal and fun photos
Misc photo-journalistic images

Ceremony Photos

Exterior of Ceremony location
Decorations, Flowers, Aisle runner, Unity candle, Full room or inside of church, details
Bridal Couple "First look" if this is done
During Service
Important people being escorted to their seats, Parents and noted guests
Ushers unrolling aisle runner
Processional, each person entering with or without escort
Bride entering with her escort
Groom's expression when seeing bride come down aisle
Father, mother or escort giving bride to groom
Misc photos of all the customs and traditions of the wedding ceremony
(full aisle photos from the back, readings, singers, exchange of vows and rings, kiss, blessings, flower presentation to parents, unity candle lighting, or any other special customs)
Bridal Couple recessional
Each couple in Bridal party, Parents and Grandparents during recessional
Misc Greeting of guests after ceremony
Leaving ceremony location
Rice throw, bird seed or bubbles leaving ceremony
Bridal Couple kissing outside, with Limo or transportation, with just married sign and other misc photos that happens
Bridal Couple getting into limo or car
Bridal Couple inside Car

Formal photo’s after ceremony

(Typically about 30 minutes of photos)
Bride alone formals
Groom alone formals
Bridal Couple together, full length, close up and different poses
Bridal Couple with entire bridal party including ushers and children
Bridal Couple with bridesmaids
Bridal Couple with groomsmen
Bridal Couple with Best man and Maid or Matron of Honor
Bridal Couple with both parents all together
Bridal Couple with brides parents
Bridal Couple w/brides family, brothers, sisters, spouses, children and grandparents
Bridal Couple with brides Grandparents
Bridal Couple with grooms parents
Bridal Couple w/grooms family, brothers, sisters, spouses, children and grandparents
Bridal Couple with grooms Grandparents
Bridal Couple in aisle showing ceremony location in background
Misc Photos of Bridal Couple in doorway, photo-journalistic and fun photos

Park or Alternative Location

Photo-journalistic photos of the bride, groom with bridal party, having fun,
Bridal Couple together, romantic images, fun photos
Bride with bridesmaids including fun photos
Groom with groomsmen including fun photos
Bridal Couple with everyone in the bridal party
Any requested photos or ideas presented to the photographer by Bridal Couple

Reception Photos

Cocktail Hour
Misc Requested posed photos, Families or Special Guests
Various room photos, table place settings, wedding cake, decorations, head table, gift table, flowers, guest cards, exterior of reception building
we tell your story!
Bridal Couple or Guest of Honor photos together
Guests talking and mingling
Misc groups of guests
Bridal Couple or guest of honor greeting guests

Special Guest photos available
Bridal Couple
Guest of Honor
Requested groups
Bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and kids with their spouses, dates
or families
Brothers and sisters of the immediate family with their spouses or dates
Guests that request a portrait

Introductions of Guest of Honor, Bridal Couple, Bridal party or Special Guests
DJ, Master of Ceremony or Entertainment
Speeches and Toasts
Bridal Couple toasting each other
Entire Head Table
Guests as groups at each table half standing behind those seated ( if requested)
Cake cutting

Bridal Couple First Dance
Each Bridal Party couple dancing
Special Parent Dances
Bridal Couple slow dancing/ Fun Dancing with friends, family members, grandparents
Family members, bridal party, grandparents dancing
Any personal customs or traditional events
Bouquet toss
Garter toss
Bridal Couple with couple that caught garter & bouquet
Guests and everyone having fun
Guests seated as groups during reception
Final Photo of the Bridal Couple after all the main events​