A few Comments from our Clients about Jason

​Kata and Chris were married 10-12-18. They just wrote this 5-star review on The Knot about Studio One and Jason. Congratulations!


"Studio One was amazing from start to finish!!! We couldn’t have been happier to work with such a great company. Jason our photographer is just full of life and made our wedding day so much fun. We love everyone one of our photos and couldn’t thank you enough to capture all of our day. Ken was our videographer and he did an amazing job with our video we can’t stop watching it. Thank you so much for all your heard work and I would recommend you to everyone!!!!!"

Beatrice and Ruben were married on 9-22-18. Congratulations! They wrote this on The Knot 10-31-18! "Our photographer, Jason, was magnificent! He captured SO many wonderful moments on camera. He clearly new where and how to place everyone and every prop so that the natural light could provide an additional highlight. His creativity is reflected in the many photos that he arranged beautifully. Jason was all of the above - personable, punctual, and professional! Last but not least, we really appreciated his humor. Thank you Studio One Photography and Video. Keep up the GREAT work!"

Ivana and David were married on 8-18-18, They wrote this 5 star review on The Knot

"Studio One Photography and Video was a perfect choice for our wedding photos and video. Everyone here, from the owner, to the photographer, to the videographer, are beyond nice, friendly, and caring people. We met with Joe, the owner, and instantly received a warm welcome. He is such a great and funny guy. Our photographer was Jason and let me tell you, NO REGRETS. He goes out of his way to take the most breathtaking, unique, and amazing photos. We also loved him because he was so sweet, funny, and a great addition to our day. Kenneth was our videographer and was also a sweet and caring person. I would HIGHLY recommend Studio One to others for photography, simply beautiful work from the best people you could meet. Jason is the best! We will definitely choose them for our many events to come in the future."

Jessica and Nathan were married on 8-25-18. Jason and Natalie were their photographers. Here's the 5-star review they wrote on The Knot yesterday: 

"We had Jason, Natalie, and Joe (videographer). We could not have been more happy with how they all did. Jason especially did an incredible job, but all three were exceptional. Jason is truly great at what he does. He was very creative for the photo shots he took, and we cannot wait to see how they turn out. But he also did a great job of keeping everyone smiling picture after picture, all throughout the day--which is something you don't think about beforehand. Jason even stayed longer than his required contract time, just to get a few more shots. Excellent pricing, and exceptional quality of photography. Jason and Natalie were the best pair of photographers we have ever worked with, and we do not say that lightly. Our videographer Joe did a solid job as well, and did not get in the way. He captured all the important moments, and was great to have for the day. We highly recommend Studio One."

received this 5-star review on The Knot 11-23-17: 
Jason was truly awesome. Strong but flexible day of, fun and professional throughout. Thanks again, photos turned out perfect. Video was good too!

​Linnea and Dave were married 8-26-17. They had this to say on The Knot 11-20-17:
​"We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Studio One Photography from start to finish. We felt comfortable with our plan for our wedding day immediately during our initial consultation with Joe. He helped us choose the right photographer for our needs. Jason, the photographer we chose was amazing! He was very high energy and fun with our group, and he was very creative with his shots. He even had some really cute tricks to keep the children in our wedding party from becoming bored with taking pictures. We really felt that he cared about getting the best images from our special day. Of course, the pictures all turned out great! We had a consult with Jason the week before the wedding where he evaluated our style and any special requests, and we were thrilled with the outcome! Thank you, Jason, Joe, and Studio One Photography!"

Natalie and Dan were married on 9-23-17. They just wrote this 5-star review on The Knot on 10-27-17
​"Our photographer Jason was amazing! We could not have been happier with him. His energy level was through the roof, and he was just a very happy go lucky guy! We got married on a really hot day in September, at a venue with no ac, and outdoor pictures. He went out of his way to find shady spots for us -so we didn't melt. He stayed way later at the reception that we thought he would, and was just so energized and great the entire night! It only took about 2 and a half weeks for us to get our pictures, and they were amazing! The pricing was great too, especially in comparison to the other places we looked at. We highly recommend this company, and Jason in particular!"

Kelly and Kyle were married on 9-3-17, They wrote on The Knot 10-2-17!
​For our recent wedding we visited Studio One Photography in Naperville, IL and we could not have been more pleased. With our package for a full day worth of photography for our wedding we also received a complimentary engagement photo shoot at the beautiful river walk in downtown Naperville. Joe performed the shoot himself and even was able to get our puppy to pay attention for some wonderful photos. Furthermore, I can not say enough good things about our wedding day photographer Jason! He was energetic throughout the entire day and night. He knew what photos he wanted before he even arrived to the venue. My wife and I chose not to do a first look, so after the ceremony we had to take all of our pictures together and he not only got amazing photos but also did it so quickly that we did not miss our whole cocktail hour! He was on the ball the entire night making sure we got all the various pictures we wanted with our guests, we just waived him down and he was there immediately. We just received our pictures and not only are they beautiful, but there are what seems like millions to choose from! I would highly recommend Studio One and Jason for anyone who has their wedding in the future!

Angela and Matt were married on 7-22-17, They wrote this on Wedding Wire and The Knot on 8-2-17
​"We are so happy that we chose Studio One to photograph our wedding day. We loved the family feel from our first meeting with Joe. He set us up with Jason to capture the moments of our special day. The match was perfect. I spoke with Jason the week of my event to just be sure he had all of the information necessary. He arrived on time and work extremely hard the entire night. He had an easy going personality and tons of energy throughout the night. Additionally, the online planning was easy to complete and we were provided with reminders when things needed to be filled out. I would recommend this studio and Jason in particular to anyone in need of photography services. We will definitely be using this studio in our future too!"

Colleen and Jason wrote on The Knot 8-2-17
"We hired Jason from Studio One as our photographer for our wedding last month and he was absolutely AMAZING! He is high energy and gets super excited when he gets a good shot which then makes you and everyone else excited. He makes taking pictures fun and he gets great pictures in the process. This man is also extremely dedicated to getting the perfect shot. He was literally crawling around on the ground in a suit outside in 90 degree weather at times to make sure he got the right angle for the shot. Our bridal party loved his energy, our parents loved his dedication and hard work, and even my husband, who hates taking pictures, loved him and said he had fun doing our pictures! We had multiple family members come up to us and ask us where we found him because he was doing such a great job :)  Due to my not realizing how quickly your wedding day flies by (seriously people soak it in!), I realized on the day of the wedding that I felt I had not really planned enough time to do all the bridal party photos I thought I wanted and this was my biggest concern after the wedding. Well we just got our pictures and I should've know that with Jason I had nothing to worry about! We received over 2500 pictures from our day! We didn't have a videographer at our wedding, but we really didn't need one. Looking through all the photos was like watching a video of the day and it was so cool to see pictures from parts of the day I wasn't there for (my husband getting ready, candid shots on the dance floor, etc.). I had a lot of DIY projects at my wedding and Jason made sure to capture all the hard work I had put into the decorations/details that I didn't really get to see on the day of the actual wedding. It was awesome to see that my vision for our day really came through. And, as one of my bridesmaids pointed out when I was stressed that we maybe didn't get enough bridal party pictures, you really don't want 100 pictures of the same bridal party pose. One perfect picture is all you're going to hang up in your house anyway and Jason definitely gave us that and more!! 

I should also mention that Studio One was the most affordable photography studio I found and they got us all of our pictures in less than a month! One another note two things I would recommend: 1. My husband and I knew that we wouldn't get a lot of time just the two of us so we made sure to take 20 minutes after the ceremony to take a walk together and have Jason come with to take some photos. This was one of the best decisions we made. It let us take a break from the craziness of the day and focus on the two of us and we got some great pictures! 
2. I asked him to take large group family photos right after the ceremony and these turned out great! Somehow everyone looks great in all of them and we have big families! It's nice to have those large family photos because it's a rare occasion where everyone you love will be in one place so take advantage