Nancy - Professional Photographer Nancy has been making photos since she was a child. She has a Graphic Artist degree and has worked in the photographic industry for all her professional career. Nancy combine creative photographic skills with post processing techniques to create photographs that tell a story and illustrate the space or event in an artistic style. I enjoy combining art with photography. Nancy's happy pleasant personality makes her subjects comfortable and laughing.

Client comments

If you are looking for a photographer for weddings or anything else to create those memories to have forever, definitely contact and use this photographer. She is open to traditional and non-traditional photos and will make the best use of your time and money. Easy to deal with and more creative ideas than you can imagine. She's been doing great photos her whole life and is happy to share your special moments with you and for whatever occasion it is. There is nothing she can't do to make perfect pics for all to enjoy!

Loved working with Nancy. She was easy going, funny, and most importantly, has a great eye. She captured the best moments of our special day. Creative and beautiful pictures; very unique. I would highly recommend her.

Nancy is beyond fun to work with! She loves what she does and wants to make sure your special day can be remembered beautifully forever.